Since 1990, Rockwood has executed a value add, U.S. focused real estate investment program through a consecutive series of closed end funds.  The first six of these funds are completed and the second four funds are at different points in their life cycles although none of these funds are currently open to new investors.  Through these value add vehicles, Rockwood has invested in various property sectors, specializing in assets where it believes there is potential for income growth through repositioning, releasing, rehabilitation or development with appropriate risk dependent upon our view of demographic, employment and financial market trends.

1990 Fund I Completed
1995 Fund II Completed
1998 Fund III Completed
2000 Fund IV Completed
2003 Fund V Completed
2005 Fund VI Completed
2006 Fund VII Active
2008 Fund VIII Active
2012 Fund IX Active
2015 Fund X Active

In addition to its value-add funds, Rockwood develops and manages portfolios based upon individual client goals and objectives.  The investment strategies in these eight separately managed accounts focus on core, core-plus, debt or other special situation strategies.

2008 Separate Account I Active
2011 Separate Account II Active
2012 Separate Account III Active
2013 Separate Account IV Active
2015 Separate Account V Active
2015 Separate Account VI Active
2016 Separate Account VII Active
2016 Separate Account VIII Active

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